Valentine’s Day Gifts Revealed

Donna Jones

Many girls wonder what stage their relationship is in and Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to evaluate the situation. Here is a breakdown of what each of these common gifts can reveal about your relationship status.

Chocolate & Teddy Bear GiftGuide_BrandonWarnock

These are the basics. If your Valentine gave you chocolate and/or a teddy bear, you two probably haven’t been dating too long. It’s a really sweet gift that shows although you two might not have dated as long, they do care. Plus having a teddy bear is always a cute reminder of your special someone, even when they’re not physically with you. Your relationship is just getting started, but the future is looking bright.


Lingerie is a spicy gift to get your significant other on Valentine’s Day! This gift can mean two things. One, your relationship is going amazing. Two, your relationship is stale. Only you know which one it is. Ladies just remember, if your man gets you lingerie, it’s definitely a gift for you both (winky face).

Clothes/ Smell Good StuffGiftGuide3_BrandonWarnock

Clothes are a sweet gift to get from your Valentine. It shows that you know his/her style. And you can never go wrong with getting body spray, every girl wants to smell good. If your Valentine is getting you clothes and/or body spray, everything is going just fine. It’s a safe gift to give or receive at any point of a relationship.

Jewelry (The real kind)

If your man/woman gets you jewelry for Valentine’s Day, your relationship is probably getting serious. Jewelry isn’t cheap. Your significant other GiftGuide4_BrandonWarnockwouldn’t spend their hard earned money, or parent’s money, if they didn’t see a future with you. You and your Valentine are on good terms.
If it seems like your Valentine did not put much thought into your gift, it could mean a range of things:

  • The clear option that many girls don’t want to consider is that you could be a “side chick”. Sometimes when the gift isn’t up to par it could mean that you are not the only young…or old, lady in your man’s life. If there are other signs as well, it’s time to investigate.
  • Sometimes when you get bad or unusual gifts it could simply mean that he doesn’t know what to get you. He doesn’t want to get the basic teddy and chocolate, but also don’t want to go overboard. An easy way to get a better gift next year is to tell him what you want during a casual conversation.
  • He’s just not that into Valentine’s Day. Some guys just aren’t emotional creatures. It’s okay.

No matter what Valentine’s gift you receive, just remember, at least you have a Valentine. As long as your Valentine shows they care, it doesn’t matter what you get!