Stop! In The Name of Love

Brianna Quarterman

A guide to avoiding all-things related, associated with, and even intertwined with Valentine’s Day.
Valentine’s Day is a dreaded time of the year for some of us. Couples walk around hand in hand, the tacky pink and red decorations, and who can forget the cheesy Valentine’s Day cards that people insist on exchanging?!
But for those of you who aren’t into the mushy love-fest called Valentine’s Day, and are just itching to avoid getting assimilated into a world of pink and red, the guide below shall serve as your personal “how-to” for avoiding Valentine’s Day:

Those Cheesy Valentines

You may even receive cheesy Valentines from your friends. These can be used as mini light-weight Frisbees to toss around with your friends or your dogs for a day at the park. Either way it needs to be “tossed.”


No sense in getting rid of all the chocolate you get on Valentine’s Day! The good thing about chocolate is that it can easily be melted and used as a syrup for your ice-cream, or maybe even smothered between graham crackers for good ol’ s’mores!


Before you head straight to your toilet to flush all of your unwanted Valentine’s Day flowers, use them to jump start your own garden or even put them inside of a vase for decoration around your room. And if that doesn’t work, set them out for your dog to shred for fun!

Those Dry Candy Hearts

Feel free to stomp on as many candy hearts as you want. Get some of your friends together and make a game out of it.  After all, who said that you have to actually eat the candies? They taste dry anyway.


Romance, love-stories, and romantic comedies are literally what America’s playlist will consist of on Valentine’s Day.  My suggestion? DO THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE. Purposely opt for the scariest horror movie you know you’d never watch. Something that will make you absolutely scream. This will definitely make you forget all things lovey-dovey on Valentine’s Day.