Bring the Oscars to You

Donna Jones

Actors, directors, screenwriters, costume designers and others are all getting ready for one the most important nights in film: The 87th Annual Academy Awards, also known as The Oscars. Watching the Oscars alone is no fun, so why not throw a party? Throwing a party for the Oscars can be fun, here are a few tips!

Make Invitations

Cordially invite all of your friends to the party. Party Impression sells one dollar gold stars. Buy a few of the stars and write out invitations to the event and give them to your friends. Party Impression also sells everything you need in gold from little plates to gold confetti in case you want to go all out with the glamour theme for the party.Door

Dress up

Dress for the Occasion! Celebrities are going to be dressed up, why shouldn’t you be? Go all in for this special television showing! Get dressed up from head to toe and look fabulous. You could even put a spin on it and have guests dress as their favorite actress or actor nominated. If the person your guest came as wins, the person can get up and act out an acceptance speech.

Have Hors-d’oeuvres

Food is always good to have at a party. Since our college budget does not allow gourmet food such lobster, simple hors-d’oeuvres will do.
Sasha Phillips, a senior broadcast journalism major said, “[I would have] shrimp cocktail, pigs on the blanket, hors-d’oeuvres.”
This site has 11 recipes for inexpensive appetizers that will not burst your pockets.Drinks
[accordion title=”Play a Drinking Game” close=”0″]Materials Needed:
Shot glasses
Favorite alcohol or non-alcoholic drink
Prize (maybe a cupcake or fake trophy)
Upon entering the party ask guests to write down their guesses for who will win an Oscar in the different categories. Every time a winner is announced, the losers have to take a shot. The player with the most correct guesses gets a prize![/accordion]
Everyone coming to your Oscar party, might not know about all the people or movies nominated for the Oscars.
Bryanna Loaiza, a junior multimedia journalism major said, “I haven’t seen any of those [movies nominated].”
“Seeing as though I haven’t seen any of them, Selma, because it’s historical,” Ricky Veasley, a junior multimedia journalism major said.

If you or your guest have not seem some of the movies, here are the movie trailers for the Best Picture Nominees:
“American Sniper”

“Birdman” or (“The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance”)


“The Grand Budapest Hotel”

“The Imitation Game”


“The Theory of Everything”


After checking out everything on this list, you are now ready to throw the most amazing Oscar party ever. Bring on the champagne and nominees!