Cloudy Days: The World of Hookahs


Donna Jones

Live music, laughter and clouds of smoke filling the air are common things you will witness walking into a hookah lounge. Hookah is a tobacco pipe with a tube that draws smoke through water in the bottom of the bowl.
Students at Georgia Southern University smoke hookah for many different reasons.
“The Hookah relaxes you so hours of homework doesn’t feel nearly as bad,” said Clare O’neill, a freshman business major.
“I like to blow smoke rings. Kiwi strawberry is my favorite flavor,” said Josh Mayz, a sophomore civil engineering major.
“I smoke Hookah for social reasons; it’s fun,” said Christyn Brown, a sophomore biology major.


Shisha (tobacco) comes in every flavor you can imagine, and with flavors ranging from succulent grape to sour mouthwatering mango, there is something for everyone.  The fruity flavors seem to be a winner for students at Georgia Southern.
“I like the new Gushers flavor,” said Zhamaal Howard, a sophomore mechanical engineering major.
“I smoke the fruity flavors,” said Kirstie Adams, a junior exercise science major.


Hookahs come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.
For personal use at home, the small Hookah works best. It has one pipe and is lightweight so you can easily carry it. Prices range from $20- $40.
The medium Hookah works best for a couple of people to share, like roommates. It comes with two pipes and will not take up too much space in an apartment. Prices range from $70- $130.
The large Hookahs are the big boys. Hookah lounges use the large Hookahs for big groups of people coming to smoke. Prices range $90 and above.
The pricing for the Hookah varies depending on where you buy from and the quality of it.

A Smokin’ Place

If you are looking for a place to purchase or smoke Hookah, A Smokin’ Place creates a lively and fun atmosphere for customers.
“Whenever they come here they are getting quality on top of really good prices. And we always have deals going on so whenever you buy Hookah then you get free Shisha, coals, and tongs,” said employee Tory Pereira, a senior psychology major.
“We make our own Shisha and we do the Hookahs. We have a warehouse here and it’s called Sahara Smoke,” said Pereira.
A Smokin’ Place features a Hookah deck, customers can pick from a range of flavors and smoke Hookah outside. Nighttime is the perfect time to sit outside because the deck is lit with dangling lights. The outdoor deck also plays music throughout the night.
The Hookah shop also bought space right next door and plans on opening Bites Restaurant soon. Customers will be able to order food and bring it over to the lounge to enjoy it with the hookah.
Grab a few friends and ease your mind with Hookah… just not on Georgia Southern’s campus!