Try This, Not That: Savannah Edition

Kat Lewallen


Statesboro can get pretty boring from time to time. Going to the same restaurants and same places every week can make you feel like you’re living in a fishbowl. Sometimes we forget that there is a far more interesting city just an hour away to take advantage of.  So avoid the tourist traps and still have a lovely day trip to Savannah.

Don’t Go to the Lady and Sons

Do Go to Mrs. Wilkes

Yeah, Paula Deen is famous, and who doesn’t love butter drenched food, but even with a reservation seating isn’t guaranteed. Mrs. Wilkes is a great alternative. It’s only open for lunch and closed on Sundays.

Don’t Go to the Tybee Island Pier

Do Go to the North Beach

Tybee is undeniably great but can be way too crowded to have a good time. Avoid the pier and go to the North beach for a more secluded experience.

Don’t Go to River Street

Historic Savannah

Do Go to Broughton Street

River Street may have the best view in the city but Broughton has the best shopping. Broughton Street is full of unique local boutiques like James Gunn and big name brands like Urban Outfitters.

Don’t Go On a Ghost Tour

Do Go On a Food Tour

The chances of you actually seeing a ghost are pretty slim. Save your money and use it to buy a ticket for a food tour. Eat at a bunch of famous Savannah restaurants and burn off all the calories walking to each place.
When you spend so much time in Statesboro it’s hard to imagine a life outside this small town. Not only is Savannah close by but it’s a great place for a mini getaway.