The Golden Rules of Spring Break


Two students sit at the front of the classroom, acting as mediators.

Donna Jones

Sunshine, bikinis and feet in the sand all sound amazing right now. Especially after finishing dreaded midterms. Doing anything besides school work during spring break seems like a plan. Wherever you go on vacation, remember these tips to keep you safe while having fun!

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated throughout the day is key when going to the beach or staying outdoors for long periods of time. Being dehydrated can cause dizziness, confusion, headaches and tiredness. You will need fully energy to party all night. Buying a fanny pack might seem silly, but can end up keeping you cool.
“First thing is to buy a fanny pack. I know some people think they are out of style and ugly but you can always find a cute one or decorate a plain one…Next thing is carry two small water bottles on you. You can fit both of them in your fanny pack. You can refill the two water-bottles as much as you want and don’t have to spend money on the beach,” said Tiffani Williams, a junior math major.

Drink Smart!

Drinking, if you are of age, can be a fun way to relax, but only if done safely. Make sure to drink in moderation and don’t drink on an empty stomach.
[quote]“A safe tip for drinking is to take turns and drink so that one friend for the night can look after everyone else,” said Marcus Hellams, a junior business management major.[/quote]
Also, don’t take any drinks from strangers or that you did not see being made yourself.

Don’t get separated

Stay in groups while roaming out on the town or on the beach. Unfamiliar places, even more so out of the country, have different rules and customs that you might not be used to. Being alone can also make you more susceptible to crimes like robbery. Make sure everyone in your group has a charged phone, just in case you guys lose each other.
“I always make sure to use the buddy system. Everybody then always has someone else that is checking for them and making sure that they are with the rest of the group. Depending upon the size of the group, we will even do random head counts. It’s also important to keep your phone charged and on you at all times in case of emergency,” said Jamillah Morrow, a junior child and family development major.

Don’t flash your boobs…or do anything that will follow you past the vacation

Making permanent decisions based on temporary actions can led to bad consequences! Having a rush for a moment isn’t worth it. All it takes is one person to post the picture to social media and everyone can potentially see it. What happens in PCB doesn’t usually stay in PCB!
Now that you have a few tips on how to stay safe during Spring Break, go have some fun and make unforgettable memories!