How to: Stay in shape on Spring Break

Cabrianna Johnson

You fought through the crowds at the RAC to torch the calories, learned how to make kale chips and finally earned your Spring Break body. Don’t ruin all of your hard work while you are celebrating your Spring Break. Staying on track during vacation doesn’t have to be hard with these tips.

Watch what you eat

You probably started including things like fruits, whole grains, and vegetables into your diet as part of a new years resolution. Don’t ruin it by eating McDonalds or gorging on a buffet through the whole break. Simply incorporate the healthy food you have been eating into your vacation.



Watch what you drink

During school, sure you may turn up on the weekends or once during the week, but something about Spring Break encourages binge drinking. Consuming too much alcohol on spring break happens fairly often. Fruity drinks and beer are high in calories.
“I recommend drinking two cups of water for every drink that a student has,” Parham said.

Watch what you think

Remind yourself what you worked so hard to look great for. Praise yourself for all the hard work you’ve done to get to this point.
“Some students may tend to have a certain mindset that Spring Break is their end goal, a spur of a moment to get fit, they don’t see it as it’s a lifestyle change,” Rachel Kiliany, a graduate public health major said.
You’ve done great getting into the habit of a health lifestyle, but once a habit is broken, it can be hard to get back.

Watch what you do

The weather during Spring Break has to be the best part. Take in what beauty nature has to offer and do some outdoor activities.

unnamed Alexandra McCray


Watch when you sleep

Spring Break is a time to relax. Stay up all night until dawn if you want, just be sure to get your beauty sleep too.
“Don’t feel bad if your body is telling you to sleep for ten hours, it need time to recharge,” Kiliany said.

Don’t give up, make being healthy a lifestyle change; not just a phase for getting a hot bod for spring break.