The Q&D April 7, 2015

By Alexandra McCray
The quick and dirty of entertainment news and trends you need to know.

Sarah Silverman is Hollywood’s next big feminist

Sarah Silverman has partnered with Levo League, a website for professional women, for their Ask4More campaign which aims to empower women to take charge in the workplace and ask for higher pay. Which has been said to be one of the main reasons why women don’t get raises.
Silverman shared her struggles in comedy and gender inequality with People magazine.
“I’m all for women having to work harder to prove themselves at this juncture, if that’s the way it is in the world. But if you work a job, and a man is working the same job, you should be getting paid the same,” said Silverman.

People Magazine

Full House is coming back?

Although Warner Bros. could not confirm a Full House reboot, which would be called “Fuller House,” TV Line has reported the 13-episode series will be coming to Netflix soon.
The Internet is in a whirlwind about the news, confused it may be a late April Fool’s prank. Netflix has not yet commented on the reboot, but we’ll have our fingers crossed “Fuller House” isn’t just another rumor.

Chipper Jones supports Kimbrel trade

ICYMI the Braves started their season off with a bang, or should we say a trade.
Even though John Hart assured fans Craig Kimbrel would not be traded, Kimbrel was traded to join the Padres.
Chipper Jones took to Twitter to share with fans his feelings on the trade.

Fast and Furious opens strong

Furious 7 made $384 million worldwide this weekend, to put that into perspective, Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s only made $95 million on its April opening.
Most have contributed the film’s success to loyal fans coming out to see Paul Walkers’ final appearance.
Universal now has to decide whether to continue the series without Walker or end the 14-year-franchise on its box office high.


Grace gets her own show

YouTube sensation Grace Helbig has landed her own show on E!, The Grace Helbig Show, on Fridays at 10:30 p.m.
“Basically, on Friday nights, I’m inviting an audience to just come hang out with me in my house. Very low-key, very fun, general conversation about culture and life and lifestyle and all kinds of stuff while I bring in guests and friends and comedians and my family,” said Helbig.


Kelly Clarkson gets apology

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace apologized after receiving backlash for recent comments he made about Kelly Clarkson, such as she “could stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while.”
Clarkson didn’t respond to the apology and is known for ignoring criticism about her body.