How to: Survive finals week


Aldair Cortes was named Sun Belt Player of the Week after a strong performance against Wofford.

Brianna Quarterman

The last few weeks of the semester are quickly creeping up! This is the time of the semester where the majority of college students are feeling the pressures of last minute tests, quizzes, and the horror of dealing with finals. For those of you looking for different study mediums, Georgia Southern offers several services for students to get together and make the most of their studying time.

Party it up at Club Hendy

  • The ultimate “one-stop shop” study hub. Everything you could ever need to enhance your study sessions. It operates 24 hours during finals week and offers private study rooms for individual or group study.
  • Check out our ways to create the perfect study environment too.

Get social

  • Grab a few close friends and have a study session. Be sure to load up on snacks and tons of caffeine for fun all-night study sessions with your friends.  Studying with friends can serve as a good source of motivation

Feed your brain

  • snacks like granola bars, fruit, and energy drinks all play a role in stimulating your brain. Snacking on nuts and whole grains is a healthy choice because they are high in iron and help with the oxygen flow to the brain.
  • we’ve also got a list of the top seven snacks to keep your brain energized during those all-nighters

Grab a tutor

  • If you live on campus, the residence halls offer free peer tutoring for every subject. This is a great place to receive one-on-one help and a surefire way to make sure all of your questions get answered. So if you don’t feel like staying up late at the library, this is a good option.

Ask your professor

  • The last few weeks leading up to finals professors usually have extended office hours for students who are concerned about their grades or need extra help with a subject. This is also a time where you can meet with your professor to clarify any issues regarding your final grade in the class.