Treat Yourself: Hidden Gems on EAGLEXPRESS

Michelle Pratt

As college students, we all have come to the realization that our four years here will consist mostly of only getting your hair done when you go home and never having enough money to pamper yourself.  However if you still have some money on your EAGLEXPRESS, you can spend it on something other than the new Zaxby’s right across from  campus.

“When I first looked on Georgia Southern’s website to see what vendors accepted EAGLEXPRESS, I was so shocked to see so many places around Statesboro,” said Alex Husley, sophomore public relations major.

A lot of students don’t  even realize that EAGLEXPRESS can be used at vendors that have items other than food. So instead of waiting until you go home to get those highlights re-done, you can step into Serenity Day Spa and find the perfect stylist.

“When I think of EAGLEXPRESS, the first thing I think of using it on is food, but now that I know I can use it at the salon I will definitely start getting my hair trimmed here,” said Crista LiCausi, sophomore nursing major.

With being a student at Georgia Southern University comes the large amount of Georgia Southern t-shirts you will acquire over your years here. However what we all find out is that t-shirts can be expensive, and a lot of students don’t have $35 to drop on a shirt. Luckily Barefoot Statesboro not only sells adorable Georgia Southern University shirts, but they also accept EAGLEXPRESS.  

“I love barefoot but I do not have a lot of shirts from them because I have a hard time deciding to spend $30 to $40 on a t-shirt,” said Carley Bragg, senior logistics major. “I do still have a lot of money left on my eagle express though and now that I know that they accept it I will for sure be making a trip to barefoot,” said Bragg.

No matter how you decide to spend your EAGLEXPRESS, you will not be disappointed by the wide variety of places you can spend your extra dollars.
graphic by Alexander Smith