Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Candy of the 90s

Tayler Critchlow

Reminiscing on our childhood is a legit deal nowadays. Everyone’s posting pictures on social media of when they were little or reliving the 90’s era with movies and T.V. shows. But here’s the thing, what about all the candy and snacks that made their breakthrough appearance and then faded just as quickly during our childhoods? Well, here is an attempt to make you feel really old as we take a trip down memory lane and relive all of the candy that we so desperately wanted as kids.

Bubble Tape

Bubble Tape. You remember it. Came in a compact disc compartment and you could determine the length of your Hubba Bubba bubble gum by pulling the gum out like a tape dispenser. Went through so many of these as a kid.


Chiclets. Another variation of how to eat your gum. Us 90’s kids loved gum apparently. The tiny, smaller than bite size gum pieces didn’t have much flavor but they were brightly colored and that was all that mattered.

Push Pops

Push Pops. The perfect sucker creation in my opinion. You just kept pushing the hardened candy up and when you were done for the moment just place the cap back on and go about your way. Saved on sticky messes and it allowed you to continue the wonderful sucker experience throughout your day instead of rushing to finish it.

Ring Pops

Ring Pops. Like Push Pops but you wore it as a ring on your hand. Kept your hands free to go about your business and whenever you craved that flavored sugar, you would just have raise your hand to your mouth. They also proved as the perfect rings when you wanted to marry your kindergarten girlfriend of the day.


DunkAroos. Personally, I loved these things. I mean who wouldn’t? You were pretty much given cookies and told to dunk it in pure icing. It’s the ultimate sugary concoction that you were able to create yourself. And then once the cookies were eaten, you just used your finger to eat straight icing.

Crispy M&Ms

Crispy M&Ms. Well first off they are M&Ms so what is not to like? Second along with the smoothness of the chocolate you got a nice crispy crunch in the center that rounded out the full M&M eating experience. And guess what, word on the street is these things are making a comeback!

Wonder Balls

Wonder Ball. WonderBall met its demise by it apparently being too dangerous to keep a small toy in the middle of a chocolate ball. Who knew, right? I mean it was a brilliant idea. What do kids love to eat? Chocolate. What do kids love to play with? Toys. Why not combine them! Brilliant while it lasted.
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