Run, Eagle, Run: 8 Tips on Running


President Kyle Marrero confirmed that the commencement plan announced in January will go on as planned. 

Julia Fechter

Fall – a time to celebrate the changing scenery, go to the fair with friends, and perhaps pick up your running shoes? Now that things have settled down compared to the beginning of the year, you can find time to get a breath of fresh air. Here are some tips to get you started running from Emily Richards, a CRI Fitness Program Director.

Get good running

  1.   “You’re going to be putting pressure on your joints,and running is very high impact on your feet. If you buy good running shoes, something that’s supportive, you won’t get blisters.”

Pace yourself.

  1. “Start slow and build up, whether you’re running for distance or time. If you’ve never ran before, don’t go out and run three miles. Start out by doing intervals. Run one to two miles, alternate with walking, and build up during the course of your training. Building up slowly will help you build endurance and help your body adjust.”

Set a goal.

  1. “Pick a perspective race, like a 5K, and register for it. Then you have motivation to train.”

Drink water.water bottle

  1. “Drink water an hour or half-hour before running…drink it while running or when you’re done.”

Have a running buddy!

  1. “Find a buddy or workout partner to run with. It’ll help you stay accountable, and it is more enjoyable to run with somebody. It’s also safer.”

Time your eating.

  1. “If you don’t eat enough, you can feel fatigued. If you eat too soon, you can have an upset stomach. Eat an hour and a half before, and only have a small snack.”

Give your body time to recover.

  1. “Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Young adults need eight to nine hours of sleep a night. You should take days off, where you are doing things like yoga or walking. This will givstrecthinhe your muscles and joints time to recover. If you don’t, you can get injured or you end up pushing yourself so hard, you get worse at running.”

Warm up and cool down properly.

  1. “Before and after you run, make sure you warm up and cool down. Do a brisk walk or moving stretches when you warm up. Also do a brisk walk and stretching when you cool down. Doing these things helps your body recover and prevent you from getting injuries.”

Now that you have read tips to help you prepare to run, you can truly soar like an eagle! One of the many ways you can express your eagle pride for homecoming is the True Blue 5K/10K. It’s happening this Saturday, and the race will start and end at the RAC. For more information go to
Photos by Kiara Griffin