Health and Fitness 101

Marquietta Green

College students may set their own personal goals and take some of the steps necessary in order to achieve them over the course of their lifetime, however, most seem to always miss the mark. Why do you think that is? Maybe it’s because they didn’t really have the time to do it, or maybe they were just too lazy to actually follow through with their plans.
According to “college students who do not exercise face the risk of weight gain, declining social lives and academic problems.” We’d like to have those totally perfect chiseled abs or those smooth toned butt muscles. Instead of hitting the gym, you’ve decided with your friends to chill, eat pizza, and play beer pong all night. 
It’s okay to not know where to begin, or to be lazy for a while, but now is the time to get up and get active! Learn all there is to know about regular exercises or just about getting started
Rule #1 : Make exercising your new daily habit!
Until you get into a daily routine of exercising you are not going to get results. You need consistency, but do not overwork yourself. Start off with smaller exercises every day, for at least thirty minutes. Doing this will eventually make your body more comfortable.
Joining a group fitness class or subscribing to a gym membership maybe a good idea to start with however, this  is not an always effective method  It is important to learn your strengths and weaknesses and to also take the time to set your own personal goals without the burden of competition. Some examples of great beginner exercises are cycling and walking.
Rule #2: Switch it up!
Don’t get stuck on the treadmill. After you have become comfortable with the smaller exercises, switch it up a little. Try something new each day. Remember to not be afraid that you might hurt yourself. There are various workout routines to try including workout DVDs and on youtube.   
Trying the same exercises may feel like you’re getting good results but you are really just overworking the same muscles. Also, with each individual exercise try to increase the number times you do them and the level of intensity.
Rule #3: Stay away from greasy foods!
Our calorie intake and the types of food we consume are the number one contributors to weight gain.. Limiting the amount greasy foods and overall calorie intake alone can help lose those few unwanted pounds and prevent potential health risks in the future.  
According to the USDA the recommended amount of daily calorie consumption for men is 2,640, and 1,785 for women. Before you stand in the never ending line at Chick-Fil-A or buying that snicker from the vending machine, think twice about it. Some innovative ways to keep track of your daily calorie intake is to download a calorie tracking app which will assist in tracking your amount of exercise and calorie intake by letting you input the type of activities and meals you eat each day. You can also make your own healthy meals and snacks to eat while on the go to class, work, or to the gym.
As you follow these rules you will see results, but it take consistent work and dedication to implement these into your daily lifestyle. Make it fun!