Women and Weights

Marquietta Green

Do you remember watching your very first workout video, or walking into a group fitness class at the Recreational Activity Center for the first time? How did you feel?
I bet the room was full of people that were probably in better shape than you and throughout the workout, all you could think about was what were you going to eat when you got home.
Sound familiar? Have no fear, Women and Weights is now here!
Georgia Southern University’s Women and Weights class has officially begun. It encourages women to face their fears and learn the ability to do weightlifting and training on their own. Through super-sets and power workouts women learn flexibility, intensity and balance.
“In this class women usually are less insecure and are more comfortable,” Briana Oglesby, teacher and kinesiology graduate student, said.
Some women also feel that being in this type of environment,  which is majority women, makes them feel more  and creates a less competitive feeling.
“Most who are in the class usually pair up and become workout partners throughout the class,” Oglesby said.
“I think that I would definitely feel more comfortable, and I would be more focused on myself, than the other people in the room,”  Taylor Torrance,senior public relations major, said.
Although successful since last semester, some feel that this should be expanded to other areas and more classes such focus on other areas of women’s health and fitness.
“I think I would like to see more variety for women have obviously have goals when it comes to their health, like I feel more comfortable, being in gym filled with people who are on the same level as me or have some of the same goals and issues that I have personally regarding my weight”  Caitlin Buzzeo, senior hospitality major, said.
Oglesby is really dedicated to what she does and is very enthusiastic about the progress of the women and the results will show in their work ethic.