Student Spotlight: Damez


Freshman Jason Swan(13) hit his first career home run in Thursday night’s win over Georgia State. 

Alexandria Richbourg

For this week’s Student Spotlight feature story, we are lucky enough to have a Q & A session with GS student and artist, Damez.
Multimedia journalism major and musical artist Damien Henderson a.k.a. Damez, is in our corner this week and we got the opportunity to get to know a little bit about him and his craft.
When did you discover your craft?
“At an early age, I was maybe four or five years old when I discovered how much I loved music. I had brothers so all of us were trying to find our niche, one of my brothers was really into video games and one of my brothers was into sports and, my niche was always music. I always enjoyed being by my boom box and playing my CD’s.One day I just started writing and I’ve been writing ever since then.”
What is your biggest accomplishment achieved through your passion?
“I went ahead and funded my own personal studio my sophomore year of college. [Which was] probably the best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve been able to make my own music at my own pace and my own time without having to go and pay for studio time. I can do it myself. I put out a project two years ago, an EP at the end of 2014 which got some pretty good reviews. I also started performing doing live shows this year, and I’ve done about seven or eight this year.”
Any new projects we should look out for?
“I’ve got another project I’m putting out next month.”
Who inspires you?
“My brother who passed away my senior year of high school inspires me. My parents, my mom and dad inspire me a lot. As far as musicians that inspire me, Beyoncé. I’ve been in love with her since I was little. She’s probably my main inspiration. I also like Big Krit, a rapper from Mississippi, and I’m from Mississippi as well so he’s like my hero.”
What are some personal benefits you receive from pursuing music?
“Music is definitely therapeutic and it’s definitely enlightening as far as you learn a lot about yourself when you have to come up with stuff and meet your own deadlines. You realize different things about yourself that you didn’t before. It’s exhilarating and a fun pastime and something I enjoy the most. Music helps me get through many internal struggles and stuff that I’ve kept inside. I can release it through music.”
Want to know more about Damez? Check out his website and his music on Soundcloud