7 Books that Every Young College Woman Should Read

Alexandria Richbourg

Women in college, it’s time to start reading for fun (that is, if you don’t already). It’s hard to find free time to read for fun when you’re constantly reading to retain information. However, when you get a chance, here are a few books that you’ll totally love.

“Words of a Wanderer” by Alex Elle

A collection of beautiful love notes, poems and daily inspirational words to live by, Alex Elle captures the emotions of her readers.

“Love in My Language” by Alex Elle

In the second book that Alex Elle published, she reveals some of her biggest life changing moments allowing her readers to take a look into her.

“The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold

This tear-jerker by Alice Sebold is one that should be cherished. The lovely bones tells the Story of young Susie Salmon and her death, and readers watch life through her perspective.

“Women have all the power… Too bad they don’t know it: Secrets Every Man’s Daughter Should Know” by Micheal J. Lockwood

A “wake-up” call for all women, Michael J. Lockwood gives some interesting advice on how women should use their power to get the relationship they want from a man.

“Their Eyes were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston

This classic novel is considered to be an important book of the twentieth century. A southern love story of a Black woman protagonist in which she finds and loses love and manages to find herself through the loves she’s experienced.

“Pain, Parties, Work, : Sylvia Plath in New York Summer 1953” by Elizabeth Winder

The story of Sylvia Plath’s twenty-six days as a guest editor for ‘Mademoiselle,’ which was considered to be an intellectual fashion magazine of the time. Plath learns about herself, her relationships and the world around her through her twenty-six day experience.

“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou’s memoir on her upbringing in a small southern town. Readers are able to get a look inside the mind of young Maya and identify the joys, pains, memories and see the growth of a woman through her struggles.