Innovative Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

Gracia Smith

Decorating a new place, dorm, apartment, or house, means reevaluating your personal style and creativity. Often, when growing up and living at home, your artistic choices are defined by a parent’s style. When you move out, it’s time to find your own style. If you’re trying to figure out how to decorate your new place, consider these styles and tips.

Write on It


Chalkboard paint has been popular for a long time. Placing it in the kitchen or other common area allows everyone a chance to be creative while also creating a place where you can list grocery lists, house rules, and other things everyone living with you needs to know.

 To make the chalkboard style your own, combine it with other decor elements. Place photos or floating shelving on the same wall as the chalkboard paint to break up the black color and infuse your personality.

Make it Dynamic

Creating wall decor that seems like it’s alive is a difficult thing. To make something dynamic, connect the wall decor to other pieces nearby. Perhaps a series of stenciled birds or butterflies can start perched on your favorite bonsai tree and make their way onto the wall and across the room.
Find a stencil and trace the design on thick, cardboard paper. Cut the designs out and glue them on or around the plant, then trace the stencil on the wall and fill it in with the same color as the cardboard paper.


DIY is a very popular way to decorate. It’s more affordable, allows you to explore your creativity, and is incredibly personal.
Use tape to create a cool geometric pattern on the wall and then paint the wall in your favorite colors, hang free-floating yarn banners in bright colors to add movement and energy to a room, or make cutouts for stylized symbols out of wood to make designs for specific parts of your home.

Vintage and Antique

Giving each room a vintage or antique feel doesn’t have to be expensive. While you can splurge on items you really love, complement more expensive pieces with vintage-inspired decor. Aged wood, Victorian style pillows and throws, or prints of classic art can all embellish your place for a unique antique look.
If you’re inspired by the DIY idea, you can even take cheap, ceramic plates from the store and paint them yourself in the style of old European porcelain or Asian china.

Country Inspired

If you need a place where you can come home and relax, the countryside is inherently soothing and relaxing. Pastel colors and rustic furniture lend a sense of ease to any room. Try looking for French country home furniture to ensure a cheerful atmosphere and bright home.

Personalize It

However you choose to decorate, make sure you do something that represents your personality and speaks to your hobbies and passions. If you’re living with someone, it may be hard to compromise on common space, but you can always decorate your personal space in a style you love. Get inspired and start imagining your new home today.
Photos courtesy of: Media Cache