Hurricane Matthew Checklist


Saturday is Senior Day for the Georgia Southern softball team.

Rashida Otunba


Staying in the ‘Boro to brave out the storm? Here is a short list of things you may need to do in preparation for Hurricane Mathew:

Catch Up On Homework


Class has been canceled for two days. Take this extension from God as an opportunity to get your GPA together before drop/add.

Go Grocery Shopping

Grab some chocolate chip cookie dough along with those cases of water. Sweets are imperative for surviving the storm.

Get Gas


I mean, if you haven’t already, now is seriously the time.

Download Your Storm Playlist On Spotify

If the power goes out, you will need offline access to your favorite tunes. “Umbrella” by Rihanna should be the first selection, obviously.


Hygiene is very important.

Eat Real Food

Before you go on that Netflix n’ snack binge, treat yo’self to some takeout while you still have time. Try to get some pizza or a wrap, anything that will still taste good cold if you don’t have access to power.

Charge All Electronics

Yes, even that five-year-old Kindle that you haven’t used in three years. You might get bored so you never know when that never-read, free download of Jane Eyre is going to come in handy.

Stay Safe

In all seriousness, a hurricane is nothing to fool around with. Be sure to check The Weather Channel for any updates on the storm, and be sure to stay safe and stay dry, Eagles!