Meet the fall 2018 staff

Blakeley Bartee

Blakeley Bartee, Editor-in-Chief

Blakeley Bartee is a senior writing and linguistics major. Although this is her first year on the Reflector Magazine staff, she began working for The George-Anne newspaper during her freshman year – in other words, she’s been here forever. Blakeley’s interest in journalism is closely linked with her habit of asking too many questions. After covering everything from breaking news to public speeches, she was ready to dive into Georgia Southern’s premier student lifestyle magazine.
In her free time, Blakeley enjoys taking long walks, playing board games with her friends, burning candles and spending too much money on food. Her goals in life include developing a solid career in writing and learning how to cook perfect collard greens.

Noelle Walker, Online Editor

Hope Walker goes by her middle name, Noelle. She’s a writing & linguistics Major from Gainesville, Ga. She is currently the online editor for Reflector and is in her second semester writing for the magazine.
Noelle loves curling up with a good book, and, when other people’s words aren’t filling her head, she writes her own. She is also an aspiring novelist, so keep an eye out for her books in the future. In the meantime, catch her on the football field performing with the Southern Pride Color Guard and writing for the greatest magazine at Southern!

Ashton Christianson, Print Editor

Ashton Christianson is a proud journalism major in her third year of college. She dove headfirst into the George-Anne Student Media group after she transferred to Southern her sophomore year. Over time, she has grown to love every member of the organization she’s had the chance to meet along her journey. These people have given her a sense of home and she has learned something from every single person.
She’s curious about anything and everything. She loves exploring new things. In her free time, she channels her inner artist through painting and drawing. When she’s not being creative, you can catch her in the gym.

Roxie Srikoulabouth, Campus Engagement Editor

Roxie Srikoulabouth is a junior public relations major. She is on the pre-law track at Georgia Southern University. Her favorite things to do in her spare time are hang out with friends, work out and spend time with her cat, Rita. Most people love sunny days, while she likes clouds and rain with a cup of joe. She likes enjoying nature, such as waking up at the crack of dawn to catch the sunrise on Tybee, or driving around Statesboro to get more than just a glimpse of the sun setting.
She joined the Reflector team because she cares about health, fitness and knowledge. She is excited to not only learn more about the community, but grow as a person within the community. Her goal is radiate positivity as well as to be the best person she can be.

Alexi Simpson, Features Reporter

Alexi Simpson is an early childhood education major in her junior year at Georgia Southern. She is passionate about showing students different perspectives and giving them the opportunity to make connections with each other. She wants people to read about things they love and be able to share it with others. Alexi hopes that her contribution to the magazine will achieve this by bonding students together.
When she’s not writing, Alexi enjoys showing off her inner fashionista, watching scary movies, traveling and spending time with her friends and family. She’s very excited for this upcoming school year and can’t wait to see what this year brings.

Christina McKinley, Features Reporter

Christina McKinley is a sophomore writing and linguistics major. She comes from Richmond Hill, Georgia and a mixed Filipino-American background. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with friends, write and procrastinate on being productive. She is an aspiring professional fiction writer and novelist.
In regard to writing, she aims to be feminist and inclusive in all stories. She is known for being a sarcastic realist but is always open to constructive discussion. She hopes to push for equal representation in media and a better lifestyle for all students at Georgia Southern.