ShuttleGus giving student organizations opportunities to earn money

Anthony Belinfante

STATESBORO Student organizations are being given the opportunity to operate the ShuttleGus program for one weekend per semester. 

Offered by the Student Government Association, ShuttleGus is on a mission to keep students safe, with a no questions asked policy.

“ShuttleGus provides safe and free rides to our students on Friday and Saturday nights from 10 p.m to 2 a.m,” SGA graduate assistant Haleigh Baker said.

Organizations interested in the ShuttleGus must provide a minimum of 10 volunteers, four being students that are 21 or older.

Volunteers must go through a safety training program one hour prior to participating in ShuttleGus.

Organizations are required to operate the program during its full hours of operation on both Friday and Saturday night.

An allocation of $300 dollars will be given to the general fund of the organization once they have successfully completed their work with ShuttleGus, according to the GS website. 

Student organizations will be able to sign up soon on the GS website through MyInvolvement. 

Students can get in contact with ShuttleGus by calling 912-478-7433.

Anthony Belinfante, The George-Anne News Reporter,