Early voting on campus

Photo: Justin Doil

Photo: Justin Doil

Jada Meadows

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Early voting began today at 8 a.m. in the Russell Union Ballroom and will last until 5 p.m. this evening. Early voting will be in the Union Ballroom from today until Thursday, Oct. 23.

According to the Dean of Students Office, students who want to vote early need to know a few things before going to the polling station. To successfully vote early, students need to bring a valid photo ID such as a driver’s license or other government issued ID and students need to know their correct street address as P.O. boxes and apartment complex names will not be accepted by polling workers.

Students also need to be aware that since Georgia Southern University is a designated early voting location, members of the surrounding community will be at the Union throughout the day to cast their ballot, so there might be some added traffic at the Union in terms of available parking spaces and the length of food lines.