Wheelchair scavenger hunt

Wheelchair scavenger hunt

Jada Meadows

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The Student Disability Resource Center hosted their wheelchair scavenger event at the Russell Union Rotunda. This is their final event for recognizing disability awareness month.

Though it is impossible to truly liken a 15 minute scavenger hunt to a day-to-day lifestyle, this brief glimpse into the life of another works to make Georgia Southern University more inclusive of those who have these disabilities everyday.

“My favorite is that people come together to do something they don’t normally do, expand their world a little bit, and it’s actually a chance to do it in a positive way. It’s a great opportunity for people to become more aware other people’s experiences,” Debbie Perez-Lopez, associate director of the Students Disability Resource Center, said.

The contestants go to each check point in their wheelchairs and at the end are awarded prizes. The planning for this event started in May and some of the other organizations involved in this event were the Multicultural Student Center, Health Services and the Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs.

Anyone wanting to get involved in the Student Disability Resource Center can visit their office on the second floor of Cone Hall.

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