Dream Big, Live Big, Be Big

Dream Big, Live Big, Be Big

Ariel Johnson

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The Wellness Program at Georgia Southern University has many programs lined up to keep students informed about certain topics such as alcohol awareness and sexual assault. The Wellness Program promotes health for all staff and students. The program operates off of the seven dimensions of wellness, which includes: environmental, physical, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, social, and emotional wellness. The semester’s first event, Voice Your Dreams, will begin on Friday, Jan. 16, and will end at the end of January.

Voice Your Dreams is a program created to help students express their dreams. “This event surrounds the Martin Luther King holiday to celebrate his dreams as well as students dreams,” Michele Martin, University Wellness director, said. Students can write their dreams on Post-It notes that can be found in the Henderson Library, the Russell Union and the RAC. The Post-It notes will be available to students during the times the buildings are open.

“In order for our students to do well inside the classroom, they need to do well outside the classroom,” Martin said. For more information, the Wellness Center is located on the second floor of the RAC.

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