Guns, Ropes, and Bows- Student Organization Fair


Janeen Fagbemi

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Climbing Club

Climbing Club is “a great way to stay in shape,” Zack Allen, mechanical engineer major, said. The club meets on Monday nights at Southern Adventures. Climbing club travels to different competitions and is a good way to develop climbing skills.

Humans versus Zombies

“Humans versus Zombies is like a crazy game of tag,” Bradon Clancey, criminal justice, said. The club has a special event on January 24th in the Newton Building room 2015. The first game starts on February 18th. The most popular events of Humans versus Zombies are the nightly missions.

Archery Club

Archery club is divided into two teams: competition and recreation. The recreation team is for people who would like to develop their archery skills and who may not have equipment. The competition team is for advanced archers. Dues are $40 per semester.

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