Alpha Sigma Phi is Here to Stay

Alpha Sigma Phi is Here to Stay

Ariel Johnson

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A new fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi, is on campus recruiting for new members. Sporting their motto “To Better the Man,” Alpha Sigma Phi works through the community with many volunteer and brother hood development events. They also focus on making themselves better.

“You just have to be a quality looking individual and someone who wants to better themselves,” Connor Leonard, freshman political science major, said.

Alpha Sigma Phi plans on doing things in collaborations with Georgia Southern University on and off campus this semester.

“You’re just joining a strong group of men in brotherhood that wants to become stronger,” Kechan Bailey, Recruitment Director of Alpha Sigma Phi, said.

If you would like to join, register through Interfraternity Council (IFC) recruitment, which ends on Friday Jan. 23 at 5pm. For more information on IFC and Alpha Sigma Phi please visit

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