Cookies and Conversations


Ariel Johnson

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The Diversity Peer Educators (DPE) have proved that diversity and lunch goes quite well together. Today, DPE hosted the Brown Bag Luncheon in the Russell Union.

While eating sandwiches, cookies and chips, DPE engaged in the topic of diversity with Georgia Southern University students and staff. Among those topics gender, religion, race and sexual orientation were discussed.

As a whole, the purpose of this event was to get the GSU community talking about how diversity is seen on campus and what they can do to help better the situation.

“I feel that people are much too concerned about what they already know or what they’re used to, and they don’t try to get out of that belief system,” Victoria Hartman, senior philosophy major, said.

The purpose of DPE is to promote diversity and a sense of welcome from every student and staff.

“DPE is like a safe haven to some students and a support system to others,” Delisha Hodo, senior psychology major, said. “We promote equality for all students.”

The brown bag luncheon started with the DPE members getting together on how the conversation about diversity can be approached.

“It is not about hating people for what they are, but it is about meeting every individual from where they are and loving them from where they are,” Jabal Moss, Multicultural Student Center graduate assistant, said.

The Brown Bag Luncheon is held once a month on the last Thursday of the month. For more Diversity events, please check out their events page at

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