League of Legends team is recruiting


Jada Meadows

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The League of Legends Team, of the Southern Collegiate Gaming Organization is having tryouts for their Spring 2015 League of Legends team. The Southern Collegiate Gaming Organization is a gaming community for college students pursuing competition on collegiate gaming platforms.

“We are focused on League of Legends. We are trying to branch out to other video games, like PC, Xbox, etc. We hold tournaments online, we compete and we also go to Georgia tech for Gamefest,” Patrick Granger, top-liner and national treasurer of Southern Collegiate Gaming, said. “We always come out and compete. We placed 4th out of about 50 teams in the tournament last year.”

According Granger, the objective of the game is to take the opposing player’s base. While completing this task, there are smaller missions to complete to overall conclude the game.

Tryouts will be held on Friday, Feb. 20th, with an information dinner meeting on Saturday, Feb. 21. If you are interested in trying out, go to www.facebook.com/SouthernCollegiateGaming for more information.

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