Kristof Talks about Issues that America is Facing Today


Ariel Johnson

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Nicholas Kristof visited Georgia Southern University to talk about his new book, “A Path Appears,” and what he has experienced as a journalist.

Kristof, a former international reporter and current New York Times Op-Ed columnist, writes about many social justice issues including women’s rights, human rights, health care, international relations, and sex trafficking.

In his speech, Kristof explained how he first got started in the journalism business and spoke about issues that he felt students needed to hear. Most of his work is based off of areas in the Middle East, Asia, Hong Kong and Japan.

“One of the pivotal experiences in my life was when I went abroad as a student and learned Arabic in Cairo,” Kristof said.

According to Kristof, arresting those who purchase sex would help repress sex trafficking in America. However, he has said that in the U.S., speaking prostitutes and pimps are more likely to be arrested than their customers.

“You have a greater chance of being hit by lightning than being arrested for purchasing sex,” Kristof said.

Kristof continues to fight for what he believes in through his writing. For more information on his book, visit

Corrections were made relating to Kristof’s past experience and current topics of his writing.

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