BSA Blackout Celebration


Deangelo Young

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BSA (Black Student Alliance) is an organization that celebrates black culture. This organization focuses on community and social awareness. They are a moving force for the advancement of Minority students and faculty and staff.

All this week they have been throwing different events, including their Blackout Celebration earlier today at the Russell Union. Members donned their colors, and sold cookies, donuts, pies and other sweets to students and faculty.

“BSA is not about supporting racism. We are just a group of fun loving students, and our intent is to celebrate black life,” Zay Jeffers, member of BSA said.

“ BSA can be a home for minority black students,” Konnelious Martin, president of BSA said.

Be sure to stop by the Rotunda this Friday, Feb 27, to get a hot plate at the BSA cookout between 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Make sure to follow them on Instagram @gasouthernbsa for more events coming in the following month!

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