Abortion protest at Russell Union


Ashley Robinson

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The Genocide Awareness Project is on display at the Rotunda to inform students about abortion and compare it to genocide. The organization was founded to do educational projects, mostly on college campuses. The main goal of the project is to prompt debates and discussions about abortion on college campuses.

A display of abortion victim images as well as pictures of victims of genocide from around the world is shown for passersby to see. The exhibition is meant to compare abortion to genocide. Some of the historical genocide pictures on display include the Holocaust, slavery, Rwanda, Cambodia, Wounded Knee and also racism in the U.S.

“Our mission is to show the truth of abortion. Of course a lot of people are really disgusted by the pictures. While we agree the pictures are disgusting, what’s more disturbing about it is that this is allowed to happen our country,” Maggie Egger, project director for the Center of Bioethical Reform, said.

Students can write down their opinions about abortion on the free speech board. People can also participate in a poll about whether or not abortion remains legal.

“We’re here to show to the students here at Georgia Southern two facts that a pre born child is a human being and that abortion is a act of violence that decapitates and dismember those human beings,” Egger, said.

Make sure to head out to the Rotunda to share your opinions on this controversial topic today.

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