Coca Cola: It’s not all good


Janeen Fagbemi

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You might want to think twice about that sugary drink you’re about to buy.

March is National Kidney Month and health services was at the Russell Union today sharing tips on how to keep your kidney healthy.

“We want to inform students about the effect drinks can have on your kidney, ” Marcus Nesbitt, senior health education major, said.

Sodas and other drinks that contain a large amount of sugar may lead to the development of chronic kidney disease. According to the National Kidney Foundation, “chronic kidney disease includes conditions that damage your kidneys and decrease their ability to keep you healthy.” The disease can lead to high blood pressure, anemia, and weak bones.

Health services has a game set up on a table where you can test your knowledge on how much sugar you think is contained in different drinks. A collapsable water bottle is given to every participant in the game.

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