Experience the Traditions of Taiwan


Lindsay Futch

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If you are not too busy tonight, head over to the Performing Arts Center tonight at 7 p.m. to see the dance department of Tainan University of Technology perform.

I was able to see them rehearse in the William’s Center. Their technique and performance was amazing. They have fourteen dancers which includes only two males, and most have only been dancing for seven years. There are two dance departments in Tainan University of Technology, where one allows high school students to dance within the university.

“The dance department has been practicing this particular show for six months now. This dance is modern with a touch of traditional themes and 75 minutes long,” Ann Hayward, the Associate Professor of the dance department said.

Hayward has been a dance teacher for more than twenty years. She expressed interest in coming back to visit in the future to collaborate with our music and art department.

This particular dance was choreographed by the chair person of the department, Che-Chen Ku. This is the second time the dance department has traveled from Taiwan to Georgia Southern to perform.

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