Farmer’s market is back!


Ashley Robinson

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The Center for Sustainability and the University Wellness Program is sponsoring the on-campus Farmers Market. The Farmers Market has vendors that sell many items from food and sweets to soap and herbs. The market is being held across from the Lakeside Dining Commons from 10a.m. to 1 p.m.

Seven Willows Soaps, Soys and Stationaries is a vendor today at the farmers market. Their primary product is natural soaps, but they sell other items like Shea and Aloe lotions, natural soy candles, lip balms and recycled cards.

“Our lip balms start at $4.00, and then our soaps are $6.00, our candles are $12.00, and we have gift sets that are little more expensive than that, up to the $25.00 range,” Carol Calhoun, the owner of Seven Willows, said.

If you are interested in Seven Willows, you should try their best seller, which is Savannah Salt. Seven Willows is also available at Walker Boutique and the Hen House.

“It’s made with local salt, sea salt, that we harvest off the coast of Savannah. It also has some European sea salt in it,” Calhoun said.

Another business at the Farmers Market is The Herb Lady. The Herb Lady sells herbs of all sorts, including parsley, sage, spearmint, chocolate mint, thyme and much more. All of the bags are $2.00.

“I sell every kind of herb. I’ve got five or six different kinds of mints,” Donna McKenna, owner of The Herb Lady, said. “I’ve got cooking herbs, and some salad herbs,”

The Herb Lady makes mixed bags, so you get a variety of the herbs she has on hand. Also on the bags are recipes. If you are new to cooking with herbs, the recipes are for you, so you can “cook with confidence.”

If you want something baked, then Sugar Magnolia Bakery is for you. They have a range of products such as brownies, a variety of breads, scones, chewy cakes and cookies. The cheapest item is the cookies, which are $1.00 each. Their breads go up to $5.00.

“Our best sellers are the cookies and our baguettes are really popular,” Dylan Bailay, of Sugar Magnolia Bakery said.

There are cold and refreshing items at the Farmers Market. Plum’ Broke pops is a vendor at today’s Farmers Market. They are located in Sylvania, Georgia, and they sell fruit pops made from using fruit, organic cane sugar and lemon juice.

“[I have] strawberry, mixed berry, orange cream, coconut cream, blueberry lemonade, sells real good, orange sunshine, cantaloupe mint. It depends on what’s in season,” Tom Williams, owner of Plum’ Broke pops, said.

They don’t have a store, but you can find these fruit pops at the on campus Farmers market and the Statesboro Farmers Market.

Other vendors at the on Campus Farmers market include Three Tree Coffee Roasters and Hunter Cattle Company. Three Tree Coffee Roasters are selling coffee from all over the world. Some of them include Nicaragua, Papa New Guinea and Ecuador. All of their coffee bags is $12.00.

Hunter Cattle Company is a farm located out in Brooklet, GA. They believe that animals should be raised the right way. They are selling lunch today and have sausage dogs for $5.00, which also comes with a bottle of water. GSU packs are sold for $25.00, which includes a frozen pound of ground beef, a pound of sausage, and pound of bacon.

The on campus Farmers Market is held every Tuesday.

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