Get your copy of the Reflector today!


Ariel Johnson

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Georgia Southern’s Student Media presents the Reflector Magazine today from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Rotunda.

Not only are there Reflector Magazines, but also different businesses that are giving away free items. These businesses included Moe’s and Wild Wings.

“It gets people in the community to come out on campus and get some exposure, so I love it,” Daichavon Williams, senior hospitality management major, said.

There is a launch party every semester for the Reflector and this semester is no different. Spring Fest is this years launch party for The Reflector Magazine.

“It’s a fun event where we can pass out Reflector Magazines and give out free items,” Reflector Editor Peyton Callanan said.

There are many different topics discussed in this year Reflector Magazine such as how to make coffee, how to come back from an injury and what not to do in college.

“This event is about getting with the Georgia Southern University lifestyle,” Editor in Chief Jeff Licciardello said.

Make sure to pick up your copy today.

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