Alpha Epsilon Pi Remembers the Holocaust Victims


Ashley Robinson

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Alpha Epsilon Pi is a Jewish fraternity at Georgia Southern. They were established last year and recently have been accepted into the ISC. Today they are participating in the day of remembrance for the Holocaust victims. The Holocaust was genocide of approximately six million Jews that were killed by Nazi regime.

Members of the fraternity are reading off the names of the victims and have a display that provides information on the history of the event.

“It’s [here] just so people can get all the information about what was going on during that time because some don’t know the full history,” Hannah Leman, volunteer with Alpha Epsilon Pi, said.

The fraternity will be reading off the names of roughly 12 million victims on the union stage until 5 p.m. The 12 million victims include 6 million Jews, as stated above, and roughly 6 million non-Jews.

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