Lunch prayers are being answered


Ariel Johnson

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The 100 Collegiate Women of America is having a fish fry today at the Rotunda from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fish fry is only $5. They’re out at the rotunda to raise money for their organization. They are also having a raffle for $1 to help with scholarships for three Bulloch County high school students.
“We were trying to find more fundraising ideas and we wanted to do something different,” Kirstie Adams, junior exercise science major said.

The 100 Collegiate also volunteers at Morris Heights to spend time with the kids every Friday.

Fundraising events like the fish fry gives the 100’ more opportunities to bring things such as gifts and games to Morris Heights.

“Our motto is live to expire and we try to help as much as we can,” BreShauna Perkins, sophomore public relations major said.

Come out and get a plate while they’re still hot!

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