Car drives through Jersey Mikes store front, repairs underway

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  • A car drove through the store front of Jersey Mike’s in Statesboro Wednesday. No one was majorly injured and repairs are already underway. 

Anthony Belinfante

Jersey Mike’s Subs in Statesboro remains open for business after a woman drove through the restaurant Wednesday afternoon.

The unidentified woman entered Jersey Mike’s through its front entrance, and exited through the side.

General manager Anna Salvi, who was not on the scene during the accident, received a phone call from an employee, where they told her that there was a car in the lobby.

Salvi didn’t believe the news at first, assuming that it was a joke amongst coworkers. She soon realized that there was in fact an accident at the restaurant near Georgia Southern.

“They were freaking out,” Salvi said of her coworkers, who were preparing sandwiches before the accident.

Customers were in line ordering and waiting for their sandwiches when the accident occurred. There were three customers and four workers inside at the time, according to Salvi.

There were only minor injuries occurred during the accident.

“A chair hit one of the guys in the back, nothing too bad,” Salvi said. “One lady got scratched.”

Repairs are expected to be made to the damaged property as soon as possible, as the restaurant currently has boards up in the areas in which the accident took place.

The cause of the accident is yet to be confirmed.

“All the police told us was that it was just old age,” Salvi said. “I don’t know what that means.”

Anthony Belinfante, The George-Anne News Reporter,