Doo-dah hype: how long would you wait?

Doo-dah hype: how long would you wait?

Jada Meadows

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Students waited for over an hour outside of the Russell Union Rotunda to purchase tickets to Doo-dah, an annual step and dance competition put on by the University Programming Board.

“It’s been about an hour, but it’s worth it, we’re super excited,” ” roommates Bonnie Rosser and Annie Isert said about their wait.

Tickets are sold from 12:00 to 1:00, with a limit of 300 tickets sold per day.  Tickets are $1 each, and students may purchase two per day with a current Eagle ID.  Monday and Tuesday ticket sales sold out and closed early, and Wednesday and Thursday sales are projected to do the same.

Joseph Strickland, a student with friends competing in Doo-dah, was turned away after Tuesdays’ sales met 300 tickets.

“I’ll be back tomorrow,” Strickland said, a sentiment echoed among others who were turned away.

Around 18 student organizations will be competing during the two hour event hosted at the Recreation Activity Center (RAC) this Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

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