When I Talk


Miscellany Editor

by Tandra Smith

Content warning: Assault.

After it happened Fingers snaked
their way up my body Past trembling
thighs Ghosting over budding bruises
Right into my chest

Fingers squeezed and
prodded and poked

Discovering unknown

And there they
resided Silencing me
Restricting me

“Don’t talk,” they breathed “After
all, who would believe you?”

Nobody for now

But when I talk, the fingers will wither
one by one My bruises will fade My
thighs will still

My voice will raise

And they’ll know

Tandra Marina Smith is currently the Engagement, Copy Editing and Analytics Managing Editor at The George-Anne. She is a 21 year old senior journalism major who also runs a blog, A Black Girl Blogging, on the side. When she’s not staying up entirely too late, she enjoys playing around with makeup, watching Netflix and figuring out what she should wear on a daily basis.