I’m Armed for Now, America


Miscellany Editor

by Zachery Rahn

I signed the papers
after hearing his true stories.
Stories of joy, courage,
bravery, and good will.
Stranger man, kind and
ensuring, was sending me to
follow in his previous footsteps.
Insuring me.
I shook the recruiters hand
today after he enlisted me for
“A life changing experience.”
I’d go see the world
(what’s left of it),
meet new faces
(don’t make eye contact),
eat new foods
(wash it down
with liquor),
and indulge in mixed fruits
(the cherries taste the
same in Afghanistan).
I’d fly in bi-planes
(use D-IX for take off),
see new animals
(can’t name our
german shepards),
and make plenty of new friends
(drill sergeant will be
my #1 enemy).
I’d walk the lame
(carry halves of men
through city streets),
help the poor (there
aren’t soup kitchens
but we’d give them
our prayers and roses),
and teach them of
American cheer
(bombs aren’t the
only thing that can
cause shell shock).
I’d make a difference
for our nation.

He rolled back in his swivel chair,
legs missing. Knees for feet. Mortar stricken smile.
Grabbed a red stamp, took my hand
in his and marked my knuckles with
“Send to deployment prescreening.”
I felt the jolting chill of his myoelectric fingers pinch my skin.
“Without the infantry, I wouldn’t be the man I am today!”

Zachery Rahn is a Writing & Linguistics major and Film Studies for minor. He loves reading and watching horror books and movies. He has two dogs, Bella and Minnie, and enjoys playing tennis with his friends. He loves going to restaurants, shopping, and visiting theme parks when he has free time, and he is a huge Disney Parks nerd!