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Miscellany Editor

by Zachery Rahn

I wipe you from my nostrils
like cocaine, but your powder
still resides in my cracked lips.
My mouth is dry without your
substance. My skin flares

in hives against yours. I
need you like bruises.

Every cut on your arm bleeds
like mouthwash. Irregular
stripes and polka dot
burns on your skin are a
highway against my finger tips.
I float in the air with your touch
like there’s a Helter Skelter
spiraling around my neck.

Good morning, whiskey.
I didn’t have my heart pills today
and now I can’t stop swallowing

you like detergent.

Zachery Rahn is a Writing & Linguistics major and Film Studies minor. He loves to read and watch horror books and movies. He has two dogs, Bella and Minnie, and enjoys playing tennis with his friends. He loves going to restaurants, shopping, and visiting theme parks when he has free time.