Miscellany Editor

by Caleb Ely

Brown hair, mid-length. Straight and fine.
Hazel eyes, bright with dreams and ambitions.
Light skin, healthy and clear. Makeup not necessary.
Figure, petite. Unimposing, not highly visible.
Clothing, modest yet elegant. Complementary.
A necklace adorns her, maybe two.
Her voice is not loud but filled with wisdom.
Her hands are her servants, succeeding in all they do.
Her feet are cheetahs.
She swiftly executes her tasks.
Her words are an author, penning
stories of her life. Flannery would approve.
Her brain, unseen to the human eye, is an encyclopedia.
Volumes could be filled and there would still be more.
Her emotions, a captain on a sea. They guide her through life’s rough times.
Her love, as deep as the Earth’s core. It is a fire that burns brightly as her foundation.
Her faith is a mountain. Strong and silent yet majestic and powerful.

Among those who are trusted, they can’t help but love her
deeply and completely. She is a hidden treasure few ever encounter.
Kindness radiates from her smile.
True concern is written on her face.
How can you not help but love
               an angel?

Caleb Ely, writing under the pen name of Ladson, is a junior at Georgia Southern University where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Writing poetry was never something Caleb considered doing, but what started in 2015 to express thoughts and emotions has since become one of his methods to spread a positive, thoughtful, or heartfelt word to any who will listen and understand.