The Budding Thoughts of Mother Earth (Gaia’s Thoughts)


Miscellany Editor

by Tykia Lumpkin

My name is Tykia Lumpkin. I am a 21-year old African-American woman, and I am a Junior at Georgia Southern University-Armstrong Campus. My current major is Marine Biology; however, I plan on entering Graduate School to pursue an Art degree with the aid of my minor in Art. I am currently at a loss of what I want to do with my life. When I started college, I wanted to do something that I was passionate about. That was science for me. At first, I thought that perhaps I should pursue an art degree, but my mother told me to find something that would last worthwhile. So, here I am. And I’m unhappy. So, I told my mother of my decision to pursue another path after I graduate. We have had many, many arguments over my future. However, she began to relent and, overtime, she has learned to accept my choice. I am about to graduate next year, so this is the year that I take my life into my hands and mold it to my will. I don’t know what the future will bring, however, if there’s something that I’m uncannily good at, it’s being stubborn and determined.