Our Mission

Miscellany Editor

In Spring of 2019, Miscellany Magazine of the Arts was reborn after three years of inactivity. The Editor-in-Chief of the George-Anne Reflector Magazine at the time worked to get the publication running again and hired an editor.

With this rebirth, the staff was a bit lost for a time, unsure of the exact purpose of the publication besides being a place to post student works maybe once a month if they were lucky. However, as the submissions rolled in, we realized that Miscellany could become not just a publication but a collaboration platform. Students would have a way to share their work publically and get input from anyone.

The Miscellany staff determined that the magazine would become a creative community for Georgia Southern students. It would connect them with the creative, from art to writing, and become a way for students to express themselves. Miscellany now aims to promote the creative culture at our university and inspire students to share their work and grow as creative people.

Our hope is that through community and collaboration we can reach our full potential as artists and as a university. A lot of promise exists in this new Miscellany to grow as a publication to serve students and nurture creativity. We strive to be a safe place where everyone and anyone can share their work and become better creators.