Tyler Tyack, speaker of the Armstrong-Liberty Campus Senate, endorses KeyShawn Housey for SGA president

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Dear Eagle Nation,

My name is Tyler Tyack, and I am the Speaker of the Armstrong and Liberty Campus Senate I am proud today to endorse KeyShawn Housey for SGA president.

During this entire campaign season, the only candidate that has reached out to our campus to ask what we need has been KeyShawn Housey. Senator Housey is also the only candidate running who supported BOTH SR7 and UR4, the resolutions that supported the immediate reversal of the changes made to the 2019 commencement process.

If you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior who wants to graduate on the campus you attended classes on, you need to vote for KeyShawn Housey, because he will fight to change commencement back to the way it was. If you are a senior who has been slighted by the commencement changes, you need someone who will fight for you after you’re gone, so that no one else will have to go through what you had to.

That person is KeyShawn Housey.

In conclusion, I know KeyShawn on a personal and professional level, and I can say with certainty that he is the most qualified candidate for the office of SGA President. Please join me in voting for KeyShawn Housey for president, because he’s gonna get us there.


Tyler K. Tyack Speaker of the Armstrong Liberty Campus Senate