Department of Art to host showcase of five students’ art

Rue Scott, Correspondent

STATESBORO — The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art will be hosting a showcase event boasting the art of graduating seniors entitled the “Process to Perception,” according to a Tuesday press release.

This event will display the artists’ individual works, varying between digital productions, oil paintings, collages, and sculptures. 

Five artists—Tom Curran, Tara Delbridge, Marlee Engle, Daylon Gardner and Emma Lewis—have worked cooperatively to create individual pieces that jointly define the concept of processes. 

“In our exhibition, ‘Process to Perception,’ five artists have worked together to consider the concept of process — from biological processes, to emotional, to technical processes,” said Delbridge in the press release.

The ultimate goal of this event is to showcase the idea of concept to realization in the form of various artworks. The five artists collaboratively created individual pieces to combine for one ultimate understanding that is the basis of the event. 

Tom Curran, senior artist, said while the pieces are truly unique, they come together to create a masterpiece.

“Each piece shows its own individual character while simultaneously working as part of a whole to represent the exploration of an idea,” said Curran in the press release.

The event will be hosted at the Fine Arts Gallery at the Armstrong campus from October 12 until October 27.