Georgia Southern students participate in interactive soldier experience at Fort Stewart

Georgia Southern University’s Department of Rehabilitation Sciences students visited Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield in an effort to get a taste of the interactive soldier demonstrations, while also providing a glimpse into what soldiers have to endure every day on the fort.

Nancy Henderson, DPT, assistant professor of rehabilitation sciences felt rather appreciative for the opportunity to experience a soldier’s routine.

“I think the students and I both gained a greater appreciation of the physical demands that Fort Stewart Soldiers experience on a daily basis,” Henderson said.

Henderson has worked with soldiers as their physical therapist for over a decade but credits this trip to helping her truly understand the physical demands her patients are required to meet.

This type of experience-based trip is a great aid to students interested in physical therapy, especially those who want to work closely with soldiers. Participants are able to see the taxing daily duties of being a soldier, according to GS’ press release.

The trip was made possible thanks to an ongoing partnership GS has with Fort Stewart.

Tatiana Joseph-Saunders, The George-Anne Candidate,