Five facts about Tookie Brown and his career at Georgia Southern

Bethany-Grace Bowers

Tookie Brown; a name that every student at Georgia Southern University has heard. The senior guard from Madison, Georgia has made his mark at GS as a star player on the Men’s Basketball team and there’s a few fun facts fans might want to know about the incredible athlete.

2015 GHSAA Triple-A Player of the Year.

Brown attended Morgan County High School and ended his senior year as a four-star recruit for ESPN. Brown scored over 3,000 points during his high school career and that helped him skyrocket into a collegiate career at GS. What people might not know is that Brown actually committed to play basketball at Mississippi State, but ended up calling GS home when he committed to play for the Eagles on May 14, 2015.

His Younger Sister is a GS Star Athlete as Well.

What many followers of GS Men’s Basketball might not realize is that Tookie has a younger sister that plays on the GS Women’s Basketball team. Alexis Brown is a junior guard and has scored 933 points during her career at GS. Her many accomplishments this season will also put her at the top going into next year and fans have loved watching her grow at GS just as her brother has.

2015-16 Sun Belt Freshman of the Year.

After Brown’s freshman year, he was averaging 17.8 points per game and couldn’t be stopped. He was ranked number eight in the NCAA as a division one athlete and was the first Eagle to win the POTY award since the early 90s. During his first year at GS, Brown set the GS freshman scoring record and wowed fans by having 551 points on the season. This was the year that conference followers knew that he would perform well at GS in years to come and they were not wrong.

Recently Named Georgia Collegiate Player of the Year.

It could not have been a hard decision to name Brown as the Men’s Georgia Collegiate Player of the Year. Brown is the only player in the conference’s history to score over 2,000 points. Even the teams that have beaten him have not racked up those points like he has. Brown went from receiving the high school honor of this magnitude, as a senior, to now earning it on the collegiate level.

2018 NBA Draft.

What some people may not know is that Brown was considered and declared himself a part of the 2018 NBA Draft. As many people know now, his scoring and ability to own any court that he is on truly showed and enough people saw it so that he was noticed. Brown then ended up withdrawing from the draft and chose to return back to GS for his senior season as an Eagle, but fans are anxious to see where he will go next since his time in college is coming to a close.

Bethany-Grace Bowers, The George-Anne Assisstant Sports Editor,