Statesboro Commission on Diversity and Inclusion to host listening session on campus Tuesday

Elizabeth Gross

The Statesboro Commission on Diversity and Inclusion is hosting a listening session on campus Tuesday at Georgia Southern’s Nesmith-Lane Center located at 847 Plant Dr. at 6 p.m.

April Schueths, chair of the Statesboro Commission on Diversity, said that there will be a series of listening sessions throughout the month in various Statesboro locations, where attendees are encouraged to voice their opinions and concerns.

“We’d love to hear from every part of the Statesboro community, especially from folks who may have felt excluded in the past,” Schueths said. “The best way to create inclusive policy is to ask people what they need. It sounds simple but is often a missing piece.”

Schueths said the commission is interested in hearing about what GS students have to say.

“Georgia Southern students are an integral part of the Statesboro community,” Schueths said. “It’s vital that GS students feel welcomed, valued and included. Building strong relationships within the city creates a win-win situation and benefits the student’s education and career opportunities, the Statesboro community, and GS.”

The commission wants to hear honest feedback from GS students about what is working well in Statesboro and what isn’t, Schueths said.

“Students have great ideas, and we want to learn from them,” Schueths said. “Numerous GSU students attended our first listening session at City of David on April 9.”

Schueths said that many of the members of the commission are GS faculty that students can reach out to directly. GS faculty on the commission include:

  • April Schueths, sociology
  • Stacy Smallwood, public health
  • Saba Jallow, political science
  • Jacek Lubecki, political science
  • Suzanne Shurling, college of arts and humanities
  • Barbara King, criminal justice and criminology

The last two listening sessions will be on:

  • April 23 in GS City Campus located at 58 Main St., at 6 p.m.
  • April 27 in the Kiwanis Fair Grounds at 16942 GA-67 at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Elizabeth Gross, The George-Anne News Reporter,