Georgia Southern announces 18 positive COVID-19 cases during eleventh week


Mitch Smith, Print Managing Editor

STATESBORO — Georgia Southern officials reported a week of increased positive COVID-19 cases, reporting 18 cases during the eleventh week of school.

“After completing 11 full weeks of classes at Georgia Southern, the report below reflects that positive case reports remain low and stable with 3 university-confirmed and 15 self-reported cases last week.” said a disclaimer on GS’ reporting website. “We must remain vigilant with our adherence to public health guidelines if we want this trend to continue.”

Five cases were reported from employees, from the Armstrong campus or from the Statesboro campus.

COVID-19 Analysis 

  • Total COVID-19 positive cases since returning: 1,187
  • Total positive cases (eleventh week): 18
  • University confirmed: three
  • Self reported: 15
  • Students: 13
  • Employees: five
  • Statesboro campus: 10
  • Armstrong campus: 8
  • Liberty campus: zero